Corporate Leadership

The Winning EQ corporate leadership training process involves 4 simple steps. Nearly 20 years of experience in professional sport and Leadership Training programs ensures the execution of these steps to the highest standard.


It is important to evaluate the organizational health of a company, and how it affects performance. This is usually done through in person observation, combined with interviewing and surveys to determine the problems in need of solutions.


Clients are encouraged to explore their wants and needs in all aspects of life, both individually and as a team. A comprehensive vision setting workshop will be facilitated to provide direction, inspiration and motivation to achieve the desired results.


This is the meat of the process, the game plan. Strategies are implemented to improve individual and team performance. The delivery of Winning EQ’s leadership mastery methods provide the tools for individuals to contribute to developing a winning team culture.


Ongoing coaching is provided to sustain high performance using empowerment techniques and accountability. For best results, the cycle is maintained through reassessment of individual and team performance. This ensures continual growth, and the forming of winning habits.



A winning partnership