Podcast Guest Appearances

Winning EQ Founder Marc Stcherbina is invited as a guest on the Business Leadership podcast - "And then I", hosted by Christine Grimm of Aria Consulting. Chris has over 25 years’ experience helping executives grow organizations and lead meaningful change for themselves, their people and their company. In this episode, Marc & Chris engage in a riveting conversation about second chances at life, living with intention and what excellence looks like, among other juicy leadership topics.

This week we discuss Andrew Yang's recent volatile comments about mental illness with political consultant, Dr. John Ross, and former professional rugby player, Marc Stcherbina. The comments, made on the big stage of the Mayoral Debates, were terribly divisive, & further perpetuated the idea that mental health is binary (you’re either “sick” & need care, or you’re “healthy,” & the sick ones inconvenience you/stir up violence).

Marc Stcherbina is a leadership consultant and sports broadcaster, and previously played professional rugby and represented Australia on the national team during a 12-year professional career.

In this conversation, Evan Burk talks to Marc about the great teams he played for during his professional career, the importance of fair and honest communication from leaders, and how he uses the principles learned from his playing career in his work as a consultant and coach today.

Ever dreamt of being a professional athlete or even representing your country at your favourite sport? Speaking with ex professional rugby player Marc Stcherbina, we get to the bottom of how you can turn your passion into a profession, the importance of hard work, how to balance personal life with within your professional environment and even shine some light on how to prepare for your post-career!

As a professional rugby player Marc Stcherbina played across the world. It was an injury that left him paralysed for a period, ande ended his career. However, Marc, or 'Stabby', calls his career ending neck injury ‘the best thing that happened’ to him....What does it take to have such mental toughness, perseverance and a positive outlook on life after such a dramatic life event?

Every day matters! 50% of what we learn we do through reflection. How do you build the courage to adapt & take on board the impact of all that is going on around you. 3 guests reflect on their own experience and what are the implications to you.

As lockdown continues Mike Brown is joined by former centre Marc Stcherbina and Chief Operating Officer Rhys Blumberg.

The duo discuss culture and leadership in business and sport, while Stcherbina gives a candid insight into his career and the neck break that brought it to a premature end.

Mark continues his conversation with Bill , Bep & Marc from Episode 1- they look at the emotion and feelings involved of isolation.

Bill suffered a brain haemorrhage running Snowdon. Bep's husband was diagnosed with lymphoma. 12 months later she found out she had Breast cancer. Marc broke his neck playing professional rugby in Wales. All have had to accept that life will not be the same again and denial was not an option. Hear how the NHS help them all as they share their traumatic change stories and how accepting life would not return to normal was a huge challenge to overcome.

“Elevate Yourself” Podcast is hosted by Rob Hardin Anderson, the Fitness & Wellness Manager at The Resort at Playa Vista under the Elevation Corporate Health & Wellness umbrella. Each episode will involve a conversation with folks from all different walks of life about how to “Elevate Yourself”.

"Relatable with Stephanie Michele" is a weekly YouTube live-stream show that features inspiring conversations with exceptional guests, focusing on meaningful human interactions and the actions required to foster them. Stephanie Michele's unique approach encourages viewers to explore self-explorative relational experiences as a means of personal growth and improvement in their relationships with themselves, others, and the world.

Things are happening, we like to talk, and our last name is Curran..so the Curran Events Podcast was born. We talk to people in all walks of life, drink some drinks and shoot the shit. Pat & Tim are joined by former Australian pro rugby player Marc Stcherbina to talk about Foster's Beer, the roots of Rugby, bow ties, and how he was paralyzed.