Sports Industry Webinar - Dealing With Loss

The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed many lives, jobs, and people have lost their ability to connect and be with others. In sports, there have been widespread furloughs or layoffs, and some teams have ceased operations. What have we learned about our prior losses that can help us right now? Webinar hosts Bob Hamer from Sports Business Solutions and Eric Kussin from #samehere Global join Marc Stcherbina and Natalie Pierre for a discussion on how we can best deal with loss and keep moving our lives in a positive direction.

Athletes Soul Webinar - Dealing with Anxiety and Uncertainty

Former professional Rugby player Marc Stcherbina shares his tips on how to better deal with anxiety and uncertainty using his life story as the example. Marc Stcherbina broke his neck on the playing field ending a 12 year professional rugby career. Using that personal experience, he talks about how he left at that time and what he learnt. He talks about staying in the moment, confiding and practicing gratitude and kindness on a regular basis.