Origin of Winning EQ

As a former professional rugby player, I understand the importance of EQ with regards to both individual performance and building team culture, but more recently, I have come to realize just how essential EQ education and practice is when it comes to playing and succeeding at the game of life.

When a career ending injury forced me into retirement from top level sport, I was faced with the challenge of transitioning into the next phase without suffering the repercussions that so many athletes succumb to. This is when my self development and EQ education journey really began.

Upon the recent suicide of a former rugby team mate, I declared my commitment to delivering EQ education to athletes (and now business leaders also) for optimal performance, emotional wellness, and a smoother transition into the next phase of life.

After two decades of elite level sport combined with extensive study in EQ and Leadership Mastery, I created Winning EQ as a platform to educate and inspire people to better know themselves and achieve excellence in all aspects of life.

I would be honored to work together to achieve extraordinary results through self-mastery.