Sur-thrival Guide Podcast


Episode 1 - Contribution & Kindness

The Sur-thrival Guide podcast series kicks off with the help of the Kindness King, Sebastian Terry. Sebastian is the founder of 100 things which led him to his latest mission called Kindsum - a platform that helps connect people wanting to help others, with those needing help. In this episode we talk about why being kind to yourself is critical before helping others, and 8 steps you can follow to make a life shift and create a fulfilling experience starting now.

Episode 2 - Fitness Motivation

Luke Milton is an Australian former professional rugby player who is now the founder of Training Mate, a high intensity workout program with 3 studios in Los Angeles, and just recently voted "Best Workout In LA". Luke talks about how exercising benefits way more than just our physical health, the power of community, and leaves us with some tips on how to be motivated and resourceful to get your body moving.

Episode 3 - Immunity Care

Entrepreneur, Published Author, Precision Wellness Specialist, Health Advocate, Food and Supplement Formulator and Hope Expert, Wendi Michelle deeply loves people and it is written all over every project she puts her hands on. It is no wonder she has become the go-to in the health and wellness sector. In this episode, Wendi talks about how immune system health is often misunderstood and neglected. She also gives some valuable ways to immediately improve your immune system health. Click HERE to receive your free Immune System Support Guide.

Episode 4 - Anxiety Management

Eric Kussin finally succumbed to years of traumatic life events and overworking as a Professional Sports executive with a neurological breakdown that left him bedridden for two and a half years. He miraculously recovered using natural techniques and psychological healing and is now the founder of the #samehere Global Mental Health Movement. On this episode he shares some tips of how to management your stress and anxiety during traumatic events like those that many of us are experiencing as a result of the Pandemic.

Episode 5 - Connection & Relationships

The Global Pandemic is causing widespread feeling of stress and isolation, challenging our human connection and relationships. Relationship expert, award winning television & radio host, Time magazine "Person of the Year 2017" and Professor of Evolutionary Psychology Dr. Wendy Walsh joins the conversation to provide some valuable insight and tips on how to ensure Sur-thrival through connection and relationships.

Episode 6 - Business Leadership

Many businesses of all sizes are suffering the repercussions of the current Global disruption. The CEO of leading e-commerce company Feedonomics Shawn Lipman talks about his experience of leading a business through a crisis, and provides some tips on how leaders in business at all levels can navigate the bumpy waters to flourish on the other side.

Episode 7 - Self Awareness

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is becoming increasingly recognized a vital set of skills necessary to thrive in our personal and professional lives. Leadership expert and founder of Uspire UK Mark Francis helps us take a deeper dive into one of the pillars of Emotional Intelligence - self awareness.

Episode 8 - The Science Of Habit

Why are habits important? How do we form them? Neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier helps us understand what is happening in the brain when we develop habits, and gives some tips on how we can start developing habits that will help us Sur-thrive through these uncertain, stressful times.

Episode 9 - Mindsetting

Adopting the best mindset to seize the opportunities in challenging situations is a constant practice, starting with self-awareness. Self Mastery Mentor and Rockstar of the Transformational Training World Mary Jo Lorei discusses why we should see mindset as a verb and not just a noun.

Episode 10 - Quarantine Nutrition

World record holder at 15, Olympic Gold Medalist at 16, Anita Nall Richesson was destined for legendary sporting status. However, food related illnesses shortly after her triumphant 1992 Olympic efforts forced her into an early retirement. She overcame the illnesses, and now uses her experience and expertise to help thousands eat healthier and take back control of their emotional, mental and physical wellness, and she shares how with us on the Sur-thrival Guide!

Episode 11 - Reinvention

The host becomes the guest as Uspire UK Founder Mark Francis turns the tables and puts Marc Stcherbina on the hot seat to discuss reinventing ourselves and navigating change. Stcherbina broke his neck playing rugby which ended his professional career and was forced to reinvent himself, and he talks us through his process.

Episode 12 - Money Matters

Arguably the one area of our lives causing us the most anxiety during this Pandemic is Money. Number One ranked Financial Advisor in the Nation for Northwestern Mutual is Ashley Russo, and she joins us to help calm some of the anxiety around our personal financial situation.

Episode 13 - The Power of Perspective

Ed Jackson was told he would never walk again. He became a quadriplegic after accidentally diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool. Since then, he has defied the odds and is not only walking again, but climbing mountains! His perspective on life that continually drives him forward is inspiration for us all, especially during these uncertain, stressful times.

Episode 14 - Taking Flight

In this episode we speak with one of our first "essential workers" to show appreciation for people on the frontline during this Pandemic, and also gain some perspective for our own situations. Ryan Thompson is a pilot for United Airlines whose job is under threat. We speak about how is dealing with uncertainty, how the airline industry is being impacted in general, and what we can expect if we boarded a commercial flight right now.

Episode 15 - Knowing We Croak

How often do you contemplate when and how you're going to die? Do you avoid it because you're afraid of it? In Bhutan the buddhist monks believe that contemplating your mortality 5 times daily will lead to a happier life. Our guest Hansa Bergwall took that concept and created an app called We Croak and it has become a life (and death) changer for so many.