New Global Alliance Making Waves In Mental Health

Last month, I was afforded the privilege and honor of being invited into a newly formed Global Mental Health Alliance as an ambassador for changing the stigma around how Mental Health issues are viewed and dealt with in today’s society.

Eric Kussin, the founder of the alliance that exists under the colloquial tag “We’re All A Little Crazy”, launched the initiative after a two year battle with a debilitating mental and physical breakdown. Leveraging his connections in the sporting world after a 15 year career as a Professional sports executive, Eric hustled to gather as many high profile athletes and also leading mental health practitioners to come together as one voice, raising awareness of the prevalence of the myriad of mental health issues that affect all of us in some way.

I was fortunate enough to be connected to Eric through New Zealand rugby legend Sir John Kirwin, who has been an instrumental figure in raising awareness about depression, while creating and supporting suicide prevention programs for many years. Sir John, who suffered with depression himself even during his illustrious career, is also a member of the Alliance, along with several other prominent sporting figures such as NHL legend Theo Fleury, USA Olympic Gold medalists Amanda Beard & Anita Nall, Cycling Olympic Gold medalist Tyler Hamilton, former NBA star John Starks and many more…

Most of these athletes are already outspoken advocates for mental health, and this Alliance allows the platform to make a louder noise, both individually and collectively.

The official launch party for the alliance was in New York where many of the athletes flew in from all over the country to be joined by family, friends and supporters of the cause, resulting in a resounding success. Also revealed was the official alliance logo that features a single hand in a sign language formation meaning “same here”. This has become the mantra for the coalition and a vehicle for people around the world to connect, raise awareness and share in the understanding that every body experiences mental health challenges, no matter how great or small.

I invite you all to show your support by firstly sharing this post, and then to join the alliance by clicking HERE. You can also show Eric some love by following his We Are All A Little Crazy social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and even submit your own photos of you and friends making the “same here” hand sign.

It’s about time mental health issues were viewed in a similar way to the common cold or a muscle strain, and I believe Eric Kussin has come up with a winning formula.

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